Beauty Marks Studio was born out of a love for beauty, and my own personal experiences.

I have seen trends come and go and I can say with great confidence, I have tried most all of them at one time or another.

  Let’s face it, we have all tried out trendy beauty routines that left us with less than desirable results. Some of those even years later have us battling to overcome the damage. Let’s s take over tweezing. Raise your hand if you’ve done it. Ok, ok I can’t see your hands, but I bet you half smiled in reaction to being part of the over-plucked club. I understand, oh do I understand. For some it’s not the tweezing and waxing trauma, it could be health related or simply not being blessed with beautiful , full,  perfectly arched brows. I’m here to tell you It’s  ok, and whatever the reason you are not alone. I have over tweezed the very little I was given.  For the majority of my adult career I have been a makeup artist, and  if you think that made me a brow  extraordinaire, I can  assure you it just caused more brow anxiety to make my eyebrows make sense, every, single, morning. Like most of us in this situation what do we do?  We pencil, gel, cream add some brow powder and maybe we have a not so even, but  nevertheless a decent eyebrow to present to the world for part of the day. The worry after you get that half decent set of brows on is far, far from over. Noooooo  No. I remember having to keep a brow pencil in my bag at minimum for the times that I might accidently rub an eyebrow right off my face,  Or if the rain, the beach, or a day in the pool was going to wash them away.  Exhausting, not to mention draining on your time, and finances with products that simply do not last or look like real hair. Disappointing to say the least. Years and years later I stumbled upon Microblading.

 I did my research and all of a sudden there I was, lying on a table, talking about how I like to wear my eyebrows. Now If you have little to no eyebrows and wakeup in the morning and look in the mirror with a new pair of stunning brows staring back at you, it’s a feeling you cannot describe. I looked in the mirror  in fear they would  suddenly disappear.  It transformed me, my confidence, my morning routine and more.  Anything I could say about the feeling  Microblading gives you would be an understatement.  I fell in love with not just the results , but the artistry. Microblading combined everything I feel passionate about, and that’s giving others more freedom, and more reasons to feel  gorgeous in the skin they are in.  

Microblading was my choice and changed my life, I can’t wait to change yours.



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